Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What is the concept behind India@75 and National Volunteering Week?

In the journey to transform this vision of India at 75 into a reality it is essential to take a multi-stakeholder collaborative approach. Volunteerism and providing opportunities to Indians from all walks of life to contribute and share for their nation is a corner stone for this mission.

The National Volunteering Week is a week where millions of Indians can celebrate this virtue of selfless service and share their common purpose to make India a developed, inclusive and progressive nation, which has much to offer to the world. This week will unite the nation in its spirits, its intentions and most importantly in its commitment to engage Indians from all walks of life in celebrating, initiating and expanding the act of service for the common good.

  1. When is the National Volunteering Week being held?

India has a National Youth Day on January 12th; with a focus to promote youth in the field of education, art, culture and generate moral values with enlightenment of inner soul. However, Indians of all ages need an occasion to come together to celebrate the virtues of volunteerism.

India@75 deliberated this core issue in public domain with various NGOs/CSOs and volunteer organizations, approximately 55 million people were reached out to during the course of last one year, all have unequivocally endorsed the idea of celebrating a National Volunteer Week culminating with the National Volunteer Day to recognize the strength and value of this noble act.

In view of the foregoing, we on behalf of millions of Indians propose to celebrate volunteerism over a week long activities commencing from January 12th the National Youth Day and culminating on January 18th, which we urge to be declared as the National Volunteer Day.


  1. Why should an Indian participate in this week?

This week gives each and every one of us as individuals an opportunity to participate and contribute to India's growth by committing ourselves to the goal of self-reliance and eventually realize and maximize our own potential. It is a platform that allows us to do our bit for community and the nation. Participation in such a national event would help us celebrate the on-going volunteering efforts by our fellow citizens & help us imbibe the same ethos, multiplying the potential impact.

  1. Who can volunteer in the National Volunteering Week?

Our basic motive of advocating the need of having a National Volunteering Week is to invite participation from citizens of all walks of life. We firmly believe that bringing together the power of the billion Indians would help in creating a strong force of goodness & help recognise volunteerism as an essential citizen responsibility.

  1. What are the different causes and ways in which one can volunteer during the week?

The very essence of volunteering is that it must be a personal mission to make an impact and not something which comes as a to-do list. The National Volunteering Week is an exercise to generate awareness & promote volunteerism in the country. But we do understand that many people may not be aware about the vast opportunities & areas of impact present for volunteering in the country. This is the reason why we have asked organisations & community groups to list their volunteering meetups (organised group activities by them requiring volunteers) which you can search based on your location. There are also volunteering activities which you can do in the comfort of your office/home, in many cases through your computer. Register yourself as a volunteer & search for Volunteering Meetups to find one which interests you. Even small acts of volunteering count, do your bit for the country.

  1. How do you plan to measure the impact created during the week through various acts of volunteering?

To make sure we are measuring impact and giving some structure to this week we have come up with the following day wise areas and themes to which people can contribute:

12th Jan (Day 1): Education and Skill Development

13th Jan (Day 2): Urbanization and Environmental Sustainability

14th Jan (Day 3): Business Economy and Technology Innovation

15th Jan (Day 4): Agriculture, Food Security and Health

16th Jan (Day 5): Moral Leadership, Good Governance and Public Administration

17th Jan (Day 6): Arts, Literature and Sports

18th Jan (Day 7): National Volunteering Day (NVD)

People are welcome to choose their own days and switch the themes if they want to but it will be something amazing to be a part of millions who are volunteering for a specific theme on a specific day.

We urge you to share your volunteering stories to showcase your volunteering experiences to the world & help us gauge the impact in your area. You can share your Volunteering Stories on this portal or share with us through our social media channels on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/LinkedIn .

Our objective for this year's National Volunteering Week campaign is to create awareness about volunteerism & urge people to volunteer.