National Volunteering Week

Gandhiji's Mantra to our nation was - "the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others".

He believed that selfless service or volunteerism by every citizen would allow India to counter many perils and evils. Volunteerism has been recognized the world over as being a major contributor to peace and development. People engage in volunteerism for a great variety of reasons: to help in eliminating poverty, to improve basic health and education, to provide safe water supply and adequate sanitation, to tackle environmental issues and climate change, to reduce the risk of disasters and to combat social exclusion and conflict. Volunteerism also forms the backbone of many national and international non-governmental organizations. It is present in the public sector and is increasingly a feature of the private sector. So, while volunteerism plays such an important role in a nation's progress, due importance and recognition to the volunteers is still lacking. There are millions of volunteers who are engaged with the voluntary sector and providing their valuable support, but need more encouragement. And, despite very large number of Indians doing selfless service, many more need to join hands.

Countries around the world have National Volunteering Programs & Weeks to support individuals as well as organizations of all sizes and mandates. India too needs her own National Volunteering Week – a week where millions of Indians can celebrate the virtue of selfless service and share their common purpose to make India a developed, inclusive and progressive nation, that has much to offer to the world. This week will unite the nation in its spirits, its intentions and most importantly in its commitment to engage Indians from all walks of life in celebrating, initiating and expanding the act of service for the common good.

As a first step towards this cause of celebrating volunteerism, India@75 is celebrating the National Volunteering Week from 18th to 24th January 2017, with the first day being the National Volunteering Day.

To make sure we are measuring impact and giving some structure to this week we have come up with the following day wise areas and themes to which people can contribute:

18th Jan (Day 1): National Volunteering Day (NVD)

19th Jan (Day 2): Education and Skill Development

20th Jan (Day 3): Urbanization and Environmental Sustainability

21st Jan (Day 4): Business Economy and Technology Innovation

22nd Jan (Day 5): Agriculture, Food Security and Health

23rd Jan (Day 6): Moral Leadership, Good Governance and Public Administration

24th Jan (Day 7): Arts, Literature and Sports


People are welcome to choose their own days and switch the themes if they want to but it will be something amazing to be a part of millions who are volunteering for a specific theme on a specific day.

You are an essential part of the cause.

Choose to volunteer (Want to Volunteer) or register your organisation (Need Volunteers) to connect with interested volunteers for activities during the National Volunteering Week.

Together let's celebrate the change makers and their selfless deeds.