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Skill-Based Corporate Volunteering- Deloitte Consulting and Mission I am

Swati Negi (Business Technology Analyst- Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.), Anupam Bhatnagar (Consultant- Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.) and Arun Mittal (Co-founder- Mission I am).

It was a unique and exceptional experience working with the Literacy India folks. We got a firsthand experience of how a recycled paper is made. On the occasion of World Environment Day, we took this opportunity to make people aware of how a person in a small village in association with an organization like Literacy India, is contributing towards a better and clean environment. This documentary was aimed to highlight upon the various processes involved in the making of recycled paper.

It was a combined effort made by the people at Literacy India & Indha Crafts. It was the profound guidance and support of Mr. Satya Prakash which helped us throughout. His passion motivated us enormously to make a greater impact through our documentary. But this would not have been possible without the overwhelming participation and enthusiasm of the people working at the plant. A heartfelt thanks to the ladies: Rajbala, Mamta, Jagwati & Umvati who appeared in the video. Overall it was a delightful experience and we would love to work with them if an opportunity comes up in future.

Why we helped and how we felt after completing the job?


The people working at the plant were thrilled when they came to know that they will be featured in the video. It was a fun day for them as they got a break from their regular work and were involved in a recreational activity. The energy and dedication that people showed while working is worthy of appreciation. There was a sense of achievement and contentment in the whole team: people on the screen and behind the screen after the completion of the video.

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