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Skill Based Corporate Volunteering- Tupperware

Puneet Narula (Director Strategy, Asia Pacific- Tupperware)

I am a Chartered Accountant, by profession. Using financial tools comes naturally to me, which I used to help Literacy India.

Literacy India wanted to assess the right cost of the paper being manufactured so that they could price the finished products in the right and profitable manner. I studied the entire cost structure of manufacturing paper by Literacy India and helped them do the costing correctly.

Further, Indha wanted to have a "Pay for Performance" structure for their team who were responsible for making their various products. I had designed many incentive schemes for Tupperware. We designed a scheme which will motivate and drive all the artisans and centre heads towards higher performance and delivery.

Why did I do this and How did I feel?

It is always a very satisfying experience to be associated with Literacy India and their team. One does work for oneself all the time. However working with Literacy India does a much larger good for many people and society in general. Literacy India is a great place where lives of people change for the better. It is a pleasure, privilege and honor to be a part of that movement, even if my role is small.

My message to the Corporate World:

I think everyone should come forward to listen to their inner voice and go out and work with Literacy India or any good NGO. The feeling of satisfaction which comes is immense and cannot be explained with words.

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